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Najeem M Illyas
Najeem M Illyas
Najeem M Illyas is a visionary leader in the field of agricultural innovation and modern farming techniques. As the CEO of Towncraft Technologies Pvt Ltd and Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd, he brings over 25 years of diverse experience, blending advanced agricultural methods with cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize farming practices and promote sustainable food production.
Educational Excellence and Training Najeem’s educational background is a testament to his dedication to continuous learning and excellence. He holds an M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the prestigious BITS Pilani, and a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt Engineering College, Painavu, Idukki. His foundational studies in Physics at TKM College of Arts and Science, Kollam, Kerala, provided him with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, Najeem received specialized training in high-tech agricultural techniques and strawberry farming in Malaysia. This training equipped him with the knowledge and skills to implement advanced farming practices and optimize crop production, ensuring high-quality yields.
Expertise in Agricultural Technologies Najeem’s expertise spans a wide range of agricultural technologies and modern farming methods:
High-Density Farming: Utilizing space efficiently to grow more crops per unit area, enhancing productivity and sustainability.
Aquaponics: Integrating fish farming and plant cultivation in a symbiotic environment, leading to efficient use of resources and sustainable food production.
High-Quality Fruit Production: Implementing advanced techniques to produce superior quality fruits, focusing on organic and poison-free methods to ensure health and safety.
Global Experience and Local Vision Najeem's career has seen him take on significant roles across major corporations worldwide, including Cognizant Technology Solutions, Akamai Technologies, Celcom in Malaysia, and Johnson & Johnson. These experiences have enriched his understanding of global tech landscapes and agricultural innovations. His work at www.idrivesafely.com and Inspired Entertainment, Inc., further underscores his ability to lead tech-driven transformations across diverse industries.
A Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture Under Najeem’s leadership, Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The company specializes in high-density farming, aquaponics, and the production of poison-free, high-quality fruits and vegetables. Najeem's vision is to provide farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance productivity while maintaining environmental sustainability.
Personal and Professional Impact Originally from Trivandrum, Kerala, and now influencing the agricultural and tech sectors from Bangalore—India’s Silicon Valley—Najeem exemplifies the power of leveraging local expertise on a global stage. His work at Bit Rupee is a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive financial solutions, aiming to empower communities and revolutionize industries from agriculture to technology.
Najeem’s commitment to integrating modern technologies with traditional farming practices is not only transforming the agricultural landscape but also ensuring that future generations have access to safe, sustainable, and high-quality food. As you know, the importance of poison-free food production cannot be overstated, and Najeem's initiatives in this area are making significant strides towards achieving this goal.
Najeem, a Visionary Leader Behind Green Wallet Buy-Back Scheme
Founder Green Wallet
Visionary Behind the Plant Buy-Back Scheme: Najeem M Illyas, the innovative leader at Bangalore Agrico, is the visionary behind the groundbreaking Plant Buy-Back Scheme. His strategic foresight and dedication to sustainable agriculture have driven the development of this unique initiative.
Business Model: The Plant Buy-Back Scheme is designed to create a win-win situation for both investors and farmers. Najeem’s concept revolves around selling high-quality plants to investors, with a promise to buy them back over a fixed period, thereby providing a guaranteed profit to the investors without any risk.
Risk-Free Investment: Najeem’s scheme ensures that investors are not exposed to the usual risks associated with agricultural investments. By offering a fixed profit margin and guaranteeing the buy-back of plants, the scheme provides a secure and attractive investment opportunity.
Sustainable Agricultural Practices: Under Najeem’s guidance, the scheme not only supports financial growth but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices. By encouraging investment in high-quality plants, the initiative helps maintain high standards in farming and contributes to the overall health of the agricultural ecosystem.
Empowering Farmers and Investors: Najeem’s vision with the Plant Buy-Back Scheme is to empower both farmers and investors. Farmers benefit from a reliable market for their produce, while investors enjoy a secure and profitable venture. This synergy fosters a robust agricultural economy and ensures long-term sustainability.
Join Us: Under the visionary leadership of Najeem M Illyas, Bangalore Agrico invites you to participate in a revolutionary investment opportunity. The Plant Buy-Back Scheme is not just a business model; it's a step towards sustainable growth and financial security in agriculture. Join us and be part of a future where investments enrich lives and support sustainable farming.
Nassarudeen R
Director, Finance
Nassarudeen R serves as the Director and Chief Financial Officer at Towncraft Technologies Pvt Ltd and Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd. With a strong background in finance and strategic planning, Nassarudeen brings over two decades of experience in overseeing financial operations and managing corporate finances. His expertise lies in optimizing financial frameworks, enhancing profitability, and ensuring financial compliance. Nassarudeen plays a pivotal role in driving the financial strategy and growth of the company, ensuring that the financial structure supports the company’s ambitious projects in blockchain technology and agriculture. His visionary financial leadership is instrumental in propelling the company towards achieving its long-term goals.
Mumthaz. E
Director, Public Relations
Mumthaz E. serves as the Director of Public Relations at Towncraft Technologies Pvt Ltd and Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd. With an MA in Literature and an M.Phil., Mumthas began her career in academia, imparting knowledge and nurturing critical thinking in her students. Her transition from an academician to a business person was driven by her desire to apply her deep understanding of narrative and communication in a corporate context. At Towncraft, she leverages her expertise to enhance the company’s brand visibility and media presence, ensuring that the innovative projects and core values of the company resonate well within the community and across global platforms. Mumthas’s strategic and thoughtful approach to public relations plays a crucial role in building and maintaining the company's prestigious reputation.
Shankar Sahu
Manager Marketting
Rahul Kumar holds the position of Marketing Manager at Towncraft Technologies Pvt Ltd and Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd. With a sharp acumen for market trends and consumer behavior, Shankar brings innovative marketing strategies and campaigns to the forefront of the company’s efforts to enhance brand awareness and market penetration. His dynamic approach involves integrating digital marketing, event management, and strategic partnerships to effectively promote the company's pioneering blockchain and agricultural projects. Shankar's leadership in the marketing department is instrumental in driving the commercial success and global reach of the company’s products and services.

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