1. Initial Purchase

Customers purchase specially selected plants from Bangalore Agrico, suited to local climate and growth.

2. Low Risk

Bangalore Agrico manages all risks, ensuring guaranteed outcomes for investors in a secure environment.

3. High Return

Bangalore Agrico guarantees doubling investments in two years, capitalizing on high agricultural profits.

4. Buy Back

Bangalore Agrico ensures a secure buy back guarantee, doubling investments after two years of growth.

5. Tax Benefits

Investments in Bangalore Agrico's scheme offer significant tax benefits, as agricultural income is exempt.

6. green Living

Join Bangalore Agrico for sustainable green living with eco-friendly agricultural investments.

Why Invest in Green Projects? Passive Income

Investing in green projects with Bangalore Agrico means contributing to environmental sustainability while securing robust financial returns. Our initiatives help reduce carbon footprints and promote a healthier planet.

Trusted Experience

With the solid backing of Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Agrico benefits from extensive industry experience and a proven track record, instilling confidence and reliability in our operations and financial stability.

Exceptional Returns

Our Plant Buy Back Scheme promises to double your investment in just two years. This lucrative return is not only appealing but also tax-exempt, owing to the favorable tax conditions for agricultural income in India.

Quality Fruit Plants, one Brand

Bangalore Agrico!

We hand-pick each plant and care for them like babies. Technical expertise and passion work together to make best quality outcomes. Farm, terrace or backyard, we have solutions. Bangalore Agrico undertakes small, medium and big projects.

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Invest in Plants Tax Free

You can invest in plants very easily here through our e-commerce portal. You can buy plants and leave them to us for maintenance for 2 years and we sell those on your behalf. It’s purely a buy-back scheme. You buy initially and we grow them, we buy back them after maturity. Plants grow and hence their value increases.

Tax Free






We unitd as a great team Bangalore Agrico

Each one of our team members are plant enthusiast. Our ultimate aim is to serve our customers with quality and ensure ROI. The team has diverse skill sets and a collective experience of 100+ years. 

John Doe
John Doe
Jenny Doe
Jenny Doe
Sanny Warth
Sanny Warth

our recent blog

Our expert team members speak on planting and farming-related matters. Stay tuned.

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Our sponsers & partners

Towncraft Agrico is bolstered by partnerships with industry leaders like Axis Bank, Google Cloud, ICAR, and others, enhancing our agricultural innovations and operational efficiency for sustainable growth

Earn 100% tax free join us!!

You are buying plants and growing and selling. This is purely agricultural business and is tax-exempt. We grow your plants for a specific period and buy them back. It’s guaranteed return on investment.

contact & reach us!

We are head quartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. 


Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd 51, MSN, Chikkellur, Bangalore - 560074

Phone/ Mobile

9535771669 / 9310999100